Myers Briggs consultancy for churches and faith communities

What is Myers Briggs?

MBTI® is a internationally recognised psychological tool based on decades of research which identifies the innately differing ways people have of interacting with the world around them.

It offers a fresh lens through which to understand and develop the way people gather information and come to decisions.

Why Myers Briggs?

Myers Briggs Type Indicator is the world’s most widely used personality assessment and for over 50 years it has helped countless people gain a clearer understanding of themselves and others.

Having been involved in pioneering missional communities at St Thomas Church Sheffield for over a decade, Sharon Earl experienced first hand, how useful MBTI® has been in helping people, develop personally and find their role. It has been an important tool to enable both individuals and teams communicate and function well together.

I am passionate about sharing MBTI® because I have seen it have such a significant impact in so many situations. I feel very excited about having the opportunity to put this tool in your hands.
– Sharon Earl


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